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How to enjoy caviar ?

Traditionally caviar is served on blini (small buckwheat pancakes) or simply on a slightly warm toast. A variation which is truly appreciated consists of placing the caviar alongside a slightly warm, steamed, unpealed potato. The potato is to then cut in half and a small cave can be formed with a spoon. This cave then can be covered with caviar, and the potato with the caviar can be eaten as a whole, releasing an incredible burst of flavor.

We suggest to serve with your caviar either a premium Vodka or an extra-dry Champagne.CAVIAR-rond

Be careful ! Never use a metal spoon to serve or taste caviar, to attend metal flavoring. Use a teaspoon made of mother of pearl, bone or plastic.

True caviar lovers will place the caviar on the back of their hand between the thumb and index finger, in order to perceive the temperature and feel of the caviar. This also allows to properly verify its shape, dimensions and color. Furthermore, the hand can provide the caviar with the right amount of heat, allowing it to better unleash its flavor before serving.

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Caviar de Venise (Siberian sturgeon)

This caviar, obtained from Siberian sturgeon, will be medium size. Lightly salted. Even the most demanding connoisseur will fall in love with the intense flavor and the translucent color ranging from brown to amber.

Caviar Oscietra Classic

Caviar obtained from this sturgeon originally came from the Caspian Sea in Russia with an intense aroma and an unmistakable flavor, this exquisite roe ranges from medium to small in size. Caviar experts will particularly love the translucent color which can vary from dark grey to amber.

Caviar Oscietra Royal

Caviar obtained from this sturgeon originally came from the Caspian Sea in Russia. Delicious and tasty caviar with a marvelous quality, characterized by a color ranging from dark-brown to grey and lightly amber. The roe is medium-large size and exhibits a light nutty flavor

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